Tribal Art


Tribal Art

Manipur is one of the eight north eastern states of India, also known as eight sisters. Its boundaries are surrounded by Myanmar (Burma) in the east and south, and Nagaland state in the north, Assam in west and Mizoram in the south-west.

This city is gifted with nature walled by lush greenery, cloudy hills, green valleys and attractive lakes makes this city more admiring. Therefore, Love for art and beauty is inherent in local people. They are artistic and creative by nature which we can found in their handloom and handicraft products.

Manipur also known for its rich traditions, cultural heritage, art forms, handicrafts and handlooms. It is famous for its Bamboo, Cane and Kauna crafts. Pottery, hand embroidered work, wood and stone carving work are widespread and artisans make different crafts like Pots, Kettles, Sofa Sets, Stools, Mats, Baskets, Trays, Flower Vases and many other decorative items, traditional tribal shawls, tribal jewelry & accessories are very popular.

Master Piece Crafts team purpose is to reach those artisans who are real, gives deep thought in making craft (as per India’s Cultural & traditional values) and use the techniques of historical art to make it more special. We always try to make a direct connection with the artisans and work with them.

We are connected with a group of 30 tribal women artisans in Ukhrul (small town), Manipur. These Tribe is known as Tangkhul, this tribe is living under poverty line and surviving for daily wages. In all such difficult conditions, they are working in their areas with responsibility and credibility. These women comes from different family background, most of the women are Widows and few are married. They have big families and are dependent on them.

These women are making traditional tribal products like Pottery items, Baskets and Jewelry like Head Band, Earrings, Necklaces, and Bracelets etc.

We are promoting their handmade Art, so that they can earn better and can secure the future of their families. We are trying to improve the living standard of our artisan partners and focusing to improve their child’s education & health.